Team Belgium in training


If you want to be part of team Belgium we expect you to have a certain level of strength & stamina. We expect you to keep working on your fitness levels to improve yourself as an overall athlete. 



As announced in our skills-document we set out some guideline minimums for running:

  • Girls should be able to run 5K in 30 minutes or less (6:00 min/km or faster)
  • Boys should be able to run 8K in 42 minutes or less (5:15 min/km or faster)

Intervaltrainings (to raise your anaerobic threshold & to switch between your anaerobic and aerobic abilities)
Running schedule for 0 to 5K 
Running schedule for 5 to 10K 




In attachment you can find the Tabata we did on our first practice (28/06/2020). We expect you to be able to perform these exercises after your run. So make sure you practice this numerous times before the final try-out on September 5!