Frequently asked questions

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We started 'Team Belgium' in the season 2018-2019.

►   Are only athletes with a Belgian nationality allowed to try-out for Team Belgium?

You have to have the Belgian nationality or you have to live in Belgium (permanent residency) for at least 6 months.

►   How many athletes are admitted for summer practices?

This depends on the number of candidates for the video try-outs and their potential. We will not limit this to a certain number right now.

►   What can I do to prepare for try-outs when we can't stunt?
  • Running: train speed & endurance multiple times a week
  • Strength training: do HIIT-training or simple strength training
  • Tumbling: do lots of drills and tumbling in your garden or in a park nearby
  • Stretch: work on your flexibility for your jumps (extra for flyer stretches)
►    What are the most important things you're looking for as a flyer?

A flyer must have a lot of bodycontrol, courage and a good presence. Flexibility, sharpness and skills are also important factors but these can be trained additionally during summer.

►   What if my tumbling is good, but my stunting isn't. Could I still make the team?

Although we're mainly looking for all-round athletes, we're also looking for some good tumblers or good stunters. It also depends on the level of candidates for the video try-outs. Don't be discouraged to send in your video's for the try-outs, you still have a chance to learn in the summer!

►   Is there a preparation team For people who don't have the skills yet but want to learn them?

We had several skills days planned in the beginning of the year to prepare athletes and help them gain neceassary skills for try-outs. But unfortunately due to the corona crisis this isn't possible anymore. This year (2019-2020) we won't offer any preparatory classes and we will focus on getting the new team competition-ready! This means we do expect athletes to have a certain set of skills before they try-out.

►     Can I participate in the try-outs and decide afterwards if I want to be part of the team?

!!! No, you can't. When participating in the try-outs, you need to sign a document in which you confirm you will take part of the entire project, from try-outs to the competition in Orlando. Trying out without the intention to actually participate would be unfair to athletes that are fully committed. We count on your sportmanship to respect this.

►    Do you already know if there will be a team for 2021-2022 or rather for the year after that?

The project is currently every two years. For the time being, this means Worlds 2021 and Worlds 2023. But this rule may change in the function of organisation, this means that Worlds 2023 is not 100% certain right now?